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I’m often asked why I am always around musicians, so I am going to take some time to explain.

Music is something that I couldn’t imagine my life with out. It’s a way of life. It’s a release for emotion. An escape from passion and pain. Not everyone understands that the way that I do. So being around the type of people who feel the same way is comforting. I don’t have the same musical interests as all of them, but I respect all genres of music.


Being at a live show is the closest thing to feeling at home that I can get. Dancing in a crowd with other people who appreciate the music as much as I do is pretty damn close to perfection. Those times where the sounds are beating out of the speakers and the lyrics fall from my mouth with ease are the moments that my heart is truly beating.


Through music anything is possible. You can feel anything you want to. When you write a song you have the power to give something to another person. You can say things you can’t in a conversation. You can be true and honest without putting a name or situation to it. You can admit your dying devotion to someone or something. You can put out the contempt you feel for the fake people that you’re surrounded by.

I guess in a world that is as insane as this one, it’s just nice to be in the presence of other human beings that are just trying to spread the word of the beauty of music. There is so much that I could say on this topic but the meaning behind it would probably be lost on most.

I’ve been lucky to have met some of the greatest musicians out there. And you may not know their name. Or their music. But I do. And you really should. I’m blessed to call some of them my friends.

I’ve been judged a lot for being a part of this so called “scene.” I could honestly care less what people think about the way I live my life. The shows that I have been to have been the best days of my life. I’ve fallen in love and had my heart broken at them. I’ve met some of the best friends I’ve got this past year. I’m doing exactly what makes me happy.

Music saves lives. I know this. Love and respect it. I do with every ounce of my heart.

So why do I hang out with musicians? Because they are some of the most real and down to Earth people I have ever met. Who wouldn’t want to surround themselves with honest people?


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