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In my mind...
Who is going to tell me to stop when the time comes? Who is going to rip away what I want and replace it with what a need? A little bit or normalcy… A little bit of sleep… And in my dreams a little bit of you. There are so many things that come close to leaving my lips when I am with you. When your lips touch mine, or you touch my hand… I’m ready to admit what I fear the most. I see something in you that I don’t see in many. A chance. A chance to change the chaos around to me to something a little more domestic. Somewhere to hang my hat at the end of a long day. A shoulder to rest my head upon in front of the world with no shame. Yet I say nothing. In fear. Because in the back of my head I know no one would ever care about me the way that I care about you. You mean more to me than you could ever know. More than I will ever tell you. Because you’ve already distanced yourself from me, for reasons unknown. So I will play this game of secrecy and live my daily life as a fraud. Because I’d be lying to myself if I said that you… weren't exactly what I want.


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